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Vector Artwork Recreation

Do you have a low resolution image? Our skilled graphic design team can quickly convert any product/ artwork/ image to vector format.

Just because you can see an image clearly on your screen does not mean it can be printed any bigger than you see it without it becoming blurry and pixelated. We ask for your artwork and logo files to be in a vector format, this is so that we can enlarge it and it remains crisp and clear. Bitmap graphics are made up of small dots (pixels) and can only be printed as large as they are initially created, any bigger and they start to pixelate. Vector graphics can be made as big as you like and they are always clear as they are built up of mathematical calculations (vectors), so each time you change the size it can recalculate. The most common file formats you will find Vector graphics in are Illustrator, PDF & EPS. Vector files are often required for printing in high resolution, screen printing, embroidery, laser cutting, engraving, and many other applications.

We can Vectorize any format such as JPG, PNG, GIF Files to AI, PDF, SVG, EPS Vector files.

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